I am (not) okay

Recently, I sat by myself at the only table in a bakery, eating a cupcake and crying. Not just a few tears here and there. I was actively suppressing sobs as a river of tears ran down my face, keeping pace with the rain outside.

Customers entered and exited the bakery, picking up cakes, placing orders, buying yummy-looking pastries. The two clerks kept busy helping them as they came in and out. When I was the only one who remained, they seemed to find other work to do.

At least ten other people had been in the same small space with me, and not a single one asked me if I was okay. I tried to smile through it when I bought the first cupcake, then the second, and even once I’d finished those and moved on to a package of chocolate caramel turtle cookies.

Now, I realize I could have been crying for any number of reasons, but it makes me wonder how my day might have changed if someone would have cared enough to ask. I at least had ways of coping with my disappointment and also loved ones to help brighten my mood.

Those other people did not know this, however. It begs the question: would someone else’s day–or even life–change for the better if only a person stopped to ask if they were okay?

Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

2 thoughts on “I am (not) okay”

  1. YES. It only takes 1 person to ask, “Are you ok?” I do not understand what is wrong with this society that can’t ask a stranger a simple question. Many days it only takes 1 act of kindness to get you through your day.

    I would have stopped, sat, had a cupcake with you and listened. There are people in the world that still have compassion.

    Don’t give up hope.

    Love you,
    Crafty Momma

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