Healthy choices

Heart of berries on wooden background

Junk food has been my go-to for a long time now. It filled my mouth to prevent me from screaming. It comforted me as I cried. It gave me the illusion of feeling happier.

Lately, though, it hasn’t been much of a friend. I get headaches if I eat too much chocolate or sugar in general. I feel nauseous after a helping of chips. I am downright miserable after eating too much fat. I just feel yuck.

Actually, I feel like I did before I started on a healthy path years ago. This was a path I followed even into pregnancy (though I began to stray in that time period).

We have black raspberries growing by our barn. Diesel, Choo-choo, and I have eaten some every day since they ripened. Couple that with all of summer’s other fresh bounties that I have  been partaking of, and you will understand why I have felt pretty great.

This is why I was surprised to find myself ill after a chocolate/cheesy tortilla chip binge one stressful afternoon. It is making me realize that I cannot keep on eating the way I have. I cannot treat my body the way I have. It’s just not sustainable. Not for me. It certainly isn’t healthy, either.

I lost count of how many times I’ve tried to live a healthier life just this year alone. I believe the sickness from my beloved junk food is my body’s/God’s/nature’s way of forcing my hand and pushing me to a goal I have long thought unattainable.

I’m serious about starting again now. Besides consuming fresh fruit daily, as well as adding more vegetables into lunches and dinners, I have returned to cooking meatless meals at least once a week. I am going to take it step-by-step this time and not expect everything to change at once. I will give you an update in a month to let you know how easy or difficult it has been. Wish me luck!


Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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