It’s all about me

Or so some believe. Recently, I have been called selfish, self-centered, callous, unfeeling, and unsympathetic. I have been criticized for going public with my struggles. It’s that whole “Don’t air your dirty laundry” way of thinking, I guess.

I will say that since then, after the dust settled and my pain and emotional bruises weren’t quite so raw, I have had time to examine me and my life. I’ve thought about my behavior and my thoughts. Although the things that were said to me hurt more than those who delivered the punches could have imagined, I discovered there was a bit of truth to them.

In dealing with my issues, I have sometimes put myself first in my thoughts. This is true. It is accidental but true nonetheless. I do wish to apologize to anyone I have hurt or ignored by this action.

I would also like to add that, yes, this blog IS all about me. These are my stories. This is my life. I believe in speaking truths and shining light into those dark spaces so as to help heal. This blog is my catharsis.

It is also, as I have said to my loved ones many times, an outlet that I can use to help others who might be in the same situations as me know that they are not alone. There are people too afraid to put words to their own worsts. I know the ugly horrors of others, but those are not my stories to tell. I will never share them without permission, so I share mine.

So while I talk about myself a lot in this blog, please know I think of all of you and your troubles. I pray for your wounds to heal. I pray for you to find peace. My heart breaks to know people have been hurt in such awful, terrifying, sometimes debilitating ways.

You don’t have to share your personal journeys with me if you choose not to. I completely understand. Just know that you are not alone!!

Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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