Stickers and markers and capes! Oh my!

It wasn’t nearly as dire a situation as it seemed when the original line is uttered in “The Wizard of Oz.” Quite the opposite, really, though just as exciting.

Choo-choo and I started our playtime after breakfast with markers and train coloring books. At some point, he decided to use his toy crane (who he calls Cranky from “Thomas & Friends”) to move the markers from one place to another. I, meanwhile, kept coloring. I’d already started a page, and since he had only one crane, I was of no use in that department.

“What you doing?” Choo-choo asked when he finally noticed me again.

“I’m coloring,” I answered.

His questioning expression was priceless. His face screamed, “Why?”

“I’m sorry,” I told him. “Are we not coloring anymore?”

P1030839Since his answer was no, I pulled out another book which contained stickers. He almost couldn’t contain his joy. Choo-choo often puts his stickers on one of our safety gates and sometimes himself.

He ran back and forth from the table with the book over to the gate countless times, happily leaving his Thomas-themed stickers everywhere.

At some point, my son tired of this as well. He ran to the sofa and grabbed one of my smaller blankets. Choo-choo swung it around his shoulders and said, “I super hero Choo-choo.” I’m sure in his mind, he looked just like this:cartoonish_character_2008013290-1113int.epsAfter tying a “cape” on myself as well, we ran around the living room, pretending to fly and save whomever was in trouble. I would sound the call, and we’d be off. “Monkey needs help,” I’d shout. Once we saved the day, we always returned to our “headquarters,” meaning a giant pillow on the floor, to wait for the next emergency.

Reluctantly, Choo-choo turned in his cape for nap time. But I know whenever his toys or stuffed animals need help, Super Choo-choo will be there.

Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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