A breath of fresh air

abstract-summer-background_fJMzO3dd_LJust wanted to share a quick word today. Diesel, Choo-choo, and I have had a lot of family fun time together, from car shows and train museums to days at the beach and even the county fair.

Yes, we made it to the fair! We gave it a second try during a less busy time of the day. We actually spent at least four hours there. Food was first, of course. The only food I ever want to eat at our fair are the hand-dipped corn dogs, candied nuts, and these amazing pierogies made by a local church.

Then we walked around to see what caught our interest. There were antique tractors, historic re-enactments, and animals. Lots and lots of animals, from tiny, cute, and furry to large, gorgeous and majestic. While they were all right from a distance, Choo-choo didn’t care for the large beasts once we were in the horses’ barn. He wasn’t a fan of the cows, goats, sheep, or pigs either. The one thing he really liked were the bunnies, and oh my, were there hundreds of those.

The clouds and sprinkles couldn’t chase us away. Neither could the cool winds brought in with the rain. We didn’t even have to decide we were going to enjoy ourselves; we just did.

I think that is the key to our recent successes. There is no pressure. There are no insurmountable difficulties. Despite our many vacation-related setbacks, I do have to say that overall, it has been a wonderful summer.




Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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