Choo-choo’s Birthday!

cute-train-birthday-card-for-a-boy_fkG8X5du_LMy darling son is now three years old! How on earth did that happen already? His previous two birthdays had been rough for me due to my depression and the realization that my little boy won’t be little much longer. However, I haven’t felt nearly as low this year as the last two, and I was ready to celebrate.

We started the birthday countdown a week before, and Choo-choo was already excited at that point. Though we weren’t planning a party, we still had ideas on how to make it special for him.

When we asked him what kind of cake he wanted, he thought for a moment and decided on ice cream cake. (That was also a favorite of mine since I also have a summer birthday.) Since I could just pop that in the freezer and not have to worry about it getting stale before the big day, we went to get it a couple days out.

Choo-choo, thrilled about the idea of ice cream and cake in one, asked where we were headed. We told him we had to eat dinner first then drive over to the store. He was clearly not happy with this idea.

“No. Cake first.”

We then had to explain to him that we couldn’t get the cake first, as the ice cream would melt while we ate our dinner. Then there was also the fact that we were still two days away from his birthday. He wouldn’t be allowed to eat it that night anyway. Not that any of this deterred him from his earlier thought.

“I want my cake first!”

A boy after my own heart ❤

Diesel had to work on Choo-choo’s birthday, which meant we waited until he came home to start the celebrations. Choo-choo wasn’t exactly thrilled about this. He asked all day about his presents and cake and why he couldn’t just have a little bit of both before Daddy came home.

Finally, it was time to start the festivities. After spending an hour playing with Choo-choo’s new toys and watching the joy on his face, we moved on to cake. I lit the three candles and helped my kid settle into his chair. He immediately started trying to blow out the flames before we even had a chance to sing. Diesel actually had to block Choo-choo from the cake until we were done. And the candles were out so fast, I didn’t even get a picture of the cake with the candles lit.

Oh well, I suppose. At least he had a great time.

Once our cake was eaten, we headed out to phase two of our son’s birthday: dinner at a train-themed restaurant. They have a museum with real train cars outside and miniature trains that run up by the ceiling inside.

When we were near the end of our dinner, our waitress told us ice cream was included with each meal we had purchased. Diesel and I looked at each other with shrugs that said, “What the heck? Let’s have ice cream twice today!”

I explained to Choo-choo that he got to have ice cream twice since it was his birthday. This got the waitress’s attention. She returned with our ice cream, sprinkles and a candle in Choo-choo’s vanilla/chocolate twist. The girls who worked there sang him “Happy Birthday” and he blew out another candle. He was squealing and squirming with delight.

We then walked around the train cars outside. Diesel said to me, “It must be his birthday. The caboose is open today.”

You see, we’ve been there before, and the caboose is never open. It really was our boy’s special day. And the festivities aren’t over yet! We have a phase three and even a phase four planned. I have never been so excited to celebrate the day my son was born, and I so can’t wait to see the joy in his face when he sees what’s next.



Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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