Train rides and swirly slides

Family Written In Plastic Kids Letters

Choo-choo, Diesel, and I had a super fun family day yesterday. In celebration of Choo-choo doing better with his potty training, my husband and I took him to another train museum a few hours away from us.

It was all our kid had talked about for the past three days. He asked about going every night and again in the morning. He asked if we were there yet the entire drive despite many assurances we weren’t even close. Choo-choo just could not contain his excitement.

Once there, we paid for our tickets. We were then told the train ride could start any time we were ready, as it was a very small museum and almost no one else was there. This happened to be our very first caboose ride, something Choo-choo was completely over the moon about. He kept switching from sitting with Diesel to sitting with me in order to see everything. We were up in the cupola, giving us a great vantage point to view the entire museum campus and all their train cars and engines.

After the train museum, we drove over to the city park so Choo-choo could run around and burn off a bunch of energy. Nothing like putting a wound up toddler in the car and expecting them to sit still for the next three or four hours. So off he ran with the other children, saying hi or hello to each one he met. Some said hi, some simply walked past (grr!) but a few kids decided to play.

Choo-choo and the other kids played for at least an hour, and then Diesel and I played with our son for another half hour before we needed to leave and find a restaurant for dinner. Our drive home was fairly quiet, though we did have to stop and get ice cream so Choo-choo wouldn’t sleep so late in the evening then not want to sleep at bedtime.

Despite things not being exactly as we’d expected, and also despite the fact that dark clouds loomed overhead and threatened rain at any moment, we still had an amazing day.


Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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