The two loves of my life

As I write this, Choo-choo and Diesel are in the other room playing (loudly!) and having fun. (Though I’m not sure how fun it is for my husband when our son keeps taking all the toys away from him…)

I love times like this when they can bond with each other. Even though Choo-choo is the one who talks the most, I know they are both enjoying playtime. More often than not, Choo-choo takes charge, deciding which train or truck or car Daddy is going to play with. Of course, Diesel is a bit mischievous himself and usually switches when Choo-choo isn’t paying attention. Chaos usually ensues. Then the dust settles, and the fun starts again.

It isn’t unusual for my husband and son to spend time together, nor should it be really. Sometimes they take all day to run errands. Other times, they drive a few hours to a zoo or even an airplane museum, just the two of them.

But I have to say I love it the most when they play in the living room, when I can see them and hear them. I so enjoy the happy sounds of them tickling each other, playing their truck or train characters, and joking around. I love watching their faces, even with their occasional serious expressions. (I mean, track building is serious business!) The joy and the love are still expressed in their eyes.

I am so blessed to have both my husband and son. We are blessed as a family. We are also lucky in that Diesel has several days off from work this week, giving us lots of family time together.

(Though I might just send them away for a few hours one day so I can catch up on work, household chores, sleep, and so on… You name it, I need to catch up on it!)

Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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