Life as I knew it…

I  never thought I would be so excited to visit a train museum.

That is, until my darling son Choo-choo came along.


Most, if not all, of our short day trips or even longer vacations include trains in some way, usually with us visiting a depot or museum or riding on a steam train. Yesterday was no different.

Although we were in the area for an errand (getting truck parts, of course, only this time the parts actually were not for Diesel), we drove a short 15 miles to another new to us train museum, only an hour or so away from our house. The temperature was a rather chilly 48°F (with lots of sunshine, luckily). However, the cold air didn’t stop Choo-choo from wanting to see the trains outside upon first arriving.

We strolled around the rail yard, walking inside every train car and engine that was open, including the caboose in which I nearly fell through the broken floor.

I screamed as it creaked and groaned under my left foot. Diesel chuckled slightly at the horror movie scream. I asked why he didn’t warn me about the hole. He told me he thought I was paying attention.

Of course, I was like, “I am looking up and around at the caboose, not down at my feet! You know, taking in the surroundings and enjoying my time standing in a piece of historical value. Just like you always want me to.”

I was okay though. And even if I had gotten hurt, I would have pretended to be fine so as not to scare Choo-choo. He was already freaked out by the diesel trains that frequently passed by the train museum. Well, he loved the trains. The extremely loud horns and constant noise of rattling and clacking? Not so much.

Once inside, we saw at least 100 model train engines and cars, if not more, plus the incredible layout where several other model trains ran around the “villages” and whatnot. There were also old tools, train parts, pictures, suitcases and trunks, even an old menu of what was served for lunch on a particular train in 1949. (40 cents for a slice of pie? Yes please!)

As we toured the gift shop before leaving, Diesel found the best thing we could possibly need on any trip or vacation: three separate maps, all showing train museums, rides, and depots all across the US. Now when Choo-choo asks to stop at a train place on the way home from somewhere, or if we ever get rained out from the zoo again, we will be able to look at a map and say, “Hey, there is a museum so-and-so miles away. Let’s go!”

(Diesel even studied the maps when we were home, trying to plan the next vacation I’m sure.)



Author: stepbackandbreathe33

I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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