Snapshots of the holidays

Before I move on away from the holidays for real, I just want to share two of my absolute favorite shots of Choo-choo during the Christmas season.

First up, the thrill and excitement of presents to open and the possibility of new toys to play with. (Sorry about the blurriness, but he was a boy on a mission! And yes, he was in his train jammies, of course!)

Snapshots of the holidaysChristmas morning had just started for us (after a little TV watching, breakfast, and hot chocolate for Choo-choo and me). Choo-choo opened a small package first, which contained some a pair of pants and a shirt. He loved the clothes but didn’t seem quite satisfied with only getting to rip up a tiny portion of wrapping paper.

I saw a certain look in his eye as he considered the next present to choose. He was not going to pick a dinky little one with hardly any paper on it again. Oh no. He wanted to tear apart as much paper as possible on one gift. So there he went to the tree to grab one of the largest presents he had.

After two more Christmas parties (and two parties that occurred before Christmas Day), there was no more excitement or thrill. There was only exhaustion.

Snapshots of the holidays

This second picture was taken after Diesel, Choo-choo, and I arrived home from our last Christmas gathering at Diesel’s parents’ house. Choo-choo had woken up at 5:30 that morning (WAY early for him) then slept only 20 minutes on the way there and 20 minutes on the way home. No significant napping took place. By the time we were home, our son was pooped. Diesel took off his shoes and hat; Choo-choo removed his own coat. Then he lay down on the floor, curled up with his new stuffed puppy. Choo-choo stayed in this position while I changed into my pajamas. He even stayed there as Diesel and I went in and out of the gate to get ready for bed.

Diesel and I contemplated leaving our boy there for all of half a second. Part of his head was on the tile, and we knew that would get uncomfortable. At least he was already in his jammies for the night. (We’d planned ahead while still at Grammy and Papa’s house.)

Choo-choo displayed the sheer exhaustion all three of us felt. It was an excellent Christmas. But we were so glad for it to be over.

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I am a writer, mother, wife, and fighter in the battle against depression, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.

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