Train rides and swirly slides

Family Written In Plastic Kids Letters

Choo-choo, Diesel, and I had a super fun family day yesterday. In celebration of Choo-choo doing better with his potty training, my husband and I took him to another train museum a few hours away from us.

It was all our kid had talked about for the past three days. He asked about going every night and again in the morning. He asked if we were there yet the entire drive despite many assurances we weren’t even close. Choo-choo just could not contain his excitement.

Once there, we Continue reading “Train rides and swirly slides”

So long to a tradition

Diesel and I were discussing our next vacation the other day. If we could fit another trip in or not. We came to the sad conclusion that we probably won’t be able to camp anymore this year.

Well, more sad for him than me. If you recall, we had quite a few miserable, disastrous vacations. Sure, we had some not quite so bad trips, too. I just feel like I am over this whole “camping with a toddler who doesn’t want to sleep at night” thing. Mama needs her sleep too much for that.

We used to camp in the autumn all the time, Diesel and I. We had favorite spots picked out and Continue reading “So long to a tradition”

Was it really ever gonna be anything but this?

Curious as to how my day is progressing?

Let me tell you: having woken up late, breakfast was late, which means I was late taking my medicine. Choo-choo’s naptime was late because I wanted us to have time to play and have fun.

Then the neighbors chose that very moment to start work on tearing off and fixing their roof. Continue reading “Was it really ever gonna be anything but this?”

Overwhelmed by memories of the past

There is a song I haven’t listened to in years. It’s called “One Sweet Day” and was performed by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. If you are unfamiliar with the song, it is about having lost loved ones and finding comfort in knowing you will see them again in Heaven. It is sweet and moving and, during the right moods, utterly depressing.

I had a best friend when I was in my pre-teen years who was the daughter of my mom’s friend. My friend I will call Gidget and I spent entire summers at each other’s houses, mostly with me at hers while my parents worked. Continue reading “Overwhelmed by memories of the past”

Choo-choo’s Birthday!

cute-train-birthday-card-for-a-boy_fkG8X5du_LMy darling son is now three years old! How on earth did that happen already? His previous two birthdays had been rough for me due to my depression and the realization that my little boy won’t be little much longer. However, I haven’t felt nearly as low this year as the last two, and I was ready to celebrate. Continue reading “Choo-choo’s Birthday!”

A first for Choo-choo (and a whole lot of fear for me)

It happened. Something Diesel and I have disagreed on doing since Choo-choo was born. Something I have been absolutely terrified of. Something that was going to happen no matter how I felt. We took our son on his first canoe trip.

Old style white rowboat on a see beach

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Fly me to the moon

Choo-choo likes to act out things we have read in his books. He has a book called “The Magic Moon Machine” from the 1980s that he just loves. It’s about a little boy who wants to ride in a spaceship to go to the moon with an astronaut. Problem is, the boy brings far too much stuff, which of course makes the machine too heavy to lift off.

My son decided to do re-enact this book with our giant maroon cushion serving as the space craft. Continue reading “Fly me to the moon”