A breath of fresh air

abstract-summer-background_fJMzO3dd_LJust wanted to share a quick word today. Diesel, Choo-choo, and I have had a lot of family fun time together, from car shows and train museums to days at the beach and even the county fair.

Yes, we made it to the fair! We gave it a second try during a less busy time of the day. We actually spent at least four hours there. Food was first, of course. The only food I ever want to eat at our fair are the Continue reading “A breath of fresh air”

BFFs Forever

In less than two weeks, my dearest, bestest friend Teacher Leia is moving thousands of miles away. She was offered a position she couldn’t (well, wouldn’t) refuse. So, she and her husband are leaving their home, families, and friends to journey on to their new destination.

I haven’t mentioned this on here yet because this topic is hard for me in some ways. I mean, I am beyond thrilled for them starting new lives together in a new place. They haven’t been married a year yet, which just adds to the excitement for them. I am equally ecstatic for Teacher Leia. She worked her butt off to earn her degree, and I am so, so happy she will finally be able to put it to good use.

But like I said, some of this is hard for me. I often feel more depressed thinking about what is to happen Continue reading “BFFs Forever”


Choo-choo and I spent most of yesterday with my mother-in-law, Grammy. After a quick trip to the doctor, we had a whole day of fun planned. Well, the weather had other ideas. A huge line of storms developed nearby and headed in our direction. So much for outside playtime.

Of course, Grammy had backup ideas just in case, Continue reading “Fun-tastic”

Plans aplenty

After Diesel came home from work yesterday, he and I along with Choo-choo had an evening of fun planned at our local county fair. We were going to eat delicious, albeit unhealthy, fair food and homemade ice cream. We would visit the show rabbits and all the other farm animals. We’d check out the rows and rows of antique tractors.

Then life showed us that no matter what or how much you plan, things can always take a turn. Continue reading “Plans aplenty”

Pretty Face


makeup accessories

I stopped wearing makeup when I was about five months pregnant. Every movement hurt, and “prettying” myself was just not high on the list of things which I thought worth enduring the pain.

(Now, before you scoff or roll your eyes, Continue reading “Pretty Face”

Independence Day

This past week, our country commemorated its day of independence. This, of course, means that just about every citizen sets off fireworks in celebration.Fireworks Grand Finale

Loud, booming fireworks.

Perhaps you can guess where I am going with this. Continue reading “Independence Day”