Progress, Progress, Progress!

You guys, two really amazing things happened this weekend!

First off, yesterday, Diesel, Choo-choo, and I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. I decided I wanted to try driving again, especially since my parents don’t live so far away that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. There was just one issue: Choo-choo was going to be in the car with us.

Many, many times have I sat in my therapist’s office in tears explaining to her my deep-seeded fears of driving while my son is in the car. I’ve had near panic attacks at the thought.

Progress, Progress, Progress!

But then I decided Continue reading “Progress, Progress, Progress!”

What dreams may come?

What do dreams mean? Do they mean anything at all?

What dreams may come?

Often, my dreams take place in one of two locations: my parents’ current house (where they have lived since I was 13) in mostly quiet, forest-like woods with a long, winding gravel/dirt driveway and my grandparents’ old house (currently my bio dad’s house). The house that belonged to my grandparents has two separate staircases to go upstairs, a dark, kinda creepy basement (to a child anyway), and Continue reading “What dreams may come?”

When anxiety rages but there is still music in your heart


Lately, my anxiety has been turning into anger/rage more than I care to admit.

But I’m admitting it because I think it is important to talk about this issue. Anxiety is so much more than simply feeling scared. It is an overwhelming, often all-consuming, sometimes paralyzing emotion. Anxiety can also manifest itself as anger and rage despite the fact that a lot of people still don’t either know or accept this.

When anxiety rages but there is still music in your heart Continue reading “When anxiety rages but there is still music in your heart”

What Choo-choo really didn’t know was a surprise to us all

NOTE TO SELF: Be sure to tell Choo-choo everything you think he already knows before the issue comes up.

A little backstory:

Choo-choo, Diesel, and I were at Grammy and Papa’s (Diesel’s parents) for Thanksgiving. Choo-choo was hungry but had no appetite for any of the scrumptious dishes lovingly made by our family. Instead, he chose a sweet, crunchy apple. Continue reading “What Choo-choo really didn’t know was a surprise to us all”

What you don’t know (can seriously annoy your parents)

Choo-choo has moved on to a new phase in life now. Everything is “I didn’t know.”

For example, we have been working with Choo-choo on his potty training. (More about that, with some WONDERFUL news, another day!) I put him in bed for a nap one day only he was still awake after about ten minutes. This usually indicates that he has a wet or dirty diaper and needs to be changed.

I walked upstairs and, as I suspected, Continue reading “What you don’t know (can seriously annoy your parents)”

The time I beat holiday stress…

Now that the holiday is over, I feel composed enough to talk about the stress Thanksgiving (and all holidays) brings. There’s the recipe search, cooking, getting everyone ready, trying to be on time, and so on. In the past, I’ve exhausted myself trying to figure out the perfect recipes to make, I’ve burnt the food, and we have never arrived on time. (And I’m not even the hostess. I can’t imagine how much more stressful that duty is!)

Stress. Woman stressed

But this time, I had a plan. Not only did I have a plan, but Continue reading “The time I beat holiday stress…”

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving arriving tomorrow, so many people have been talking about their holiday traditions. Honestly, my family and I don’t actually have any. There isn’t any one thing we have done year after year. Sometimes we Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”