Bedtime stories

My son is quite a chatterbox at bedtime. Sometimes he talks about things that happened that day while other times he tells me silly stories he makes up. Occasionally, Choo-choo will ask about sounds he hears outside, such as car doors closing and neighbor dogs barking.

Sometimes, though, he pulls out a memory I thought he’d long forgotten. Continue reading “Bedtime stories”

This is me

Hello my name is

Talking to people, especially those I don’t know, has always been an ordeal for me. I get shaky, my heart races, I feel nauseous. Sometimes I feel like I will open my mouth and nothing will come out. That has actually happened once or twice.

I find it very difficult to speak to those I don’t know. For example, the other day I received a call about an order I made online. Continue reading “This is me”

I believe in a thing called love

My love for my son is a huge factor in me doing my best to get better. I want to be healthy not just for me, but for him, too. I want him to grow up knowing I love him more than I have ever loved anyone.  Continue reading “I believe in a thing called love”

My fears

In all honesty, I was always a fearful child, well before Vader. I was once stuck in the loft of our barn for what seemed like hours because I could not force myself to climb back down the ladder. My cousins had had no problems up or down, so they tried helping me, to no avail. I cried, I panicked, and finally I gave up Continue reading “My fears”

A trip to remember (or maybe not)

suitcases_MkvA30Iu_LIt has been a pretty brutal past two weeks, to say the least. Diesel, Choo-choo, and I were leaving on a camping vacation. Of course, nothing was ready. By “nothing,” I mean absolutely nothing. Diesel spent day after day trying to get one of his two trucks set for the trip. There was something majorly wrong with both, and neither wanted to cooperate.

Then there was the water leaking through the roof of both our old campers. Water in the ceilings, the walls, the floors. One seemed to have slightly less damage, so that’s the one Diesel had to fix. I am the one who packs the camper, but I couldn’t do my job until Diesel was done with his. So we were rushing around at the last minute, like always, desperately trying to accomplish it all in a very short amount of time. Continue reading “A trip to remember (or maybe not)”

Late to bed, early to rise

We had a long weekend last week. Choo-choo went to sleep hours after bedtime both Friday and Saturday night despite all efforts to put him in bed sooner. He was so exhausted but fought it. After two busy days coupled with no naps, I thought for sure he’d sleep in Sunday morning. Continue reading “Late to bed, early to rise”

Learning curve

I have mentioned before how I am learning to let Choo-choo do things for himself. (Pearly whites Toddler independence) Well, included in this lesson is the idea that I don’t have to let him make all the decisions all the time, despites his (screaming) protests. After a tantrum-filled debate between the two of us (his tantrum, not mine), I realized it doesn’t have to be an either/or situation. I don’t have to only give in to everything or nothing. Continue reading “Learning curve”