If teenagers were toddlers

Choo-choo is a total, complete threenager right now.

I’m not sure I fully understood what that term meant until my son turned three. He whines, he rolls his eyes, and he never wants to do anything. Throw in some slammed doors and you’d totally have teenage me.

Diesel, Choo-choo, and I had to Continue reading “If teenagers were toddlers”

Waking up to face the day

frame-with-grasschamomiles-and-butterflies_fJzvIALO_LGood Monday Morning!

I am not much of a morning person. At all. Just about anyone who knows me can attest to that. I turn off my alarms or ignore them. I snap at people who try to wake me up, even if they are being super nice about it. Diesel used to tell me that I often growled at him.

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