Children of the world

Look at these sweet, beautiful, happy faces. Eyes full of hope and amazement. Children are such precious little wonders. I mean, yes, they can occasionally be little brats sometimes, but all in all, children are incredible, loving tiny humans.

Sitting here watching my little Choo-choo playing with his musical Bible songs book, I find myself wondering how on earth anyone could leave a three year old, a four month old boy, or any child at any age for that matter, alone somewhere and never check on them. Whether in a corn maze or in an alley or in in a hurricane like in the news recently, or even at the park or on the side of the road.

HOW does one FORGET THEIR CHILD and NOT report them missing until the next day or at least several hours later???? How does this happen?

I mean, okay, I understand mental health issues. Continue reading “Children of the world”

Welcome Wednesday

This is a first for me. I am welcoming a guest today. She is someone very dear to me who has asked to remain anonymous. You will all know her as Enid Carolena, a small, strong woman who is devoted to God. Before now, Enid Carolena had been too afraid to put words to her struggles. I hope you give her the same grace you give me. Without further ado, here is Enid Carolena’s story: Continue reading “Welcome Wednesday”

More memories of my baby boy


So, I already mentioned those baby books I have yet to finish. Truthfully, I haven’t started them yet. (I know, I know.) I wanted them to be done by now, proudly displayed on the bookcase or on their own shelf. I actually have three different baby books to make, two we received as baby shower gifts and one I purchased because I just loved it so much. Continue reading “More memories of my baby boy”

Memories of my baby boy

Choo-choo and I were cuddling on our rocking chair the other night. Because my shirt straps were hurting his ear, he asked to put his blanket over my shoulder. So there we were, rocking in the glider, and I swear it felt almost just like it did nearly three years ago. Back when I rocked him after he nursed, with a blanket on my shoulder, praying he wouldn’t puke on me. Continue reading “Memories of my baby boy”