Holiday rush

Is the holiday rush starting to get to anyone else?

My anxiety has been creeping up thinking about Christmas arriving much sooner than I’d like. I am not one of those¬†people who shops throughout the year. I save our money and start hitting the sales around holiday time. So I have been worrying about the presents I am buying not arriving on time. I’m also worried about not having enough time for everything.

Thanksgiving¬†was a breeze compared with Christmas. I didn’t have to do very much for that day. Only a bit of cooking, really.

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In the land of dirty dishes

As you may know, Choo-choo, Diesel, and I have been really busy these last few days. We haven’t spent much time at home. And while we have had awesome family fun time, this unfortunately means our house has been a bit neglected, especially the dirty dishes.

Though I would love for our kitchen to look like this:

Clean Contemporary Kitchen Interior

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