Lost in the crowd

For our celebratory family fun day, Diesel and I took Choo-choo to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The museum is full of fun things for kids to do, with areas for discovering other cultures, learning about the past, climbing and digging and building, and Continue reading “Lost in the crowd”

A stranger in my house

I have never liked being home alone at night. Once I was in my late teens, I still stayed at friends’ houses when my parents were out of town. While this fear relaxed a bit, it has never fully gone away.

Ever since my postpartum depression/anxiety and OCD kicked in, I have spent a lot of time wondering what I would do if someone broke into my house and attacked me. I especially worry about someone trying to rape me. I think about this mostly when I am in the shower, as I am the most vulnerable then. My mind floods with questions and what ifs. Continue reading “A stranger in my house”

Up in the skies

So, I know I have told you all I am deathly afraid of heights. However, there is one thing I always wanted to do when I was younger: ride in a hot air balloon.

Crazy, right? I mean, I would be in this tiny basket up in the air with no instant control of how high we are or when we land. We would just be floating along, potentially at the mercy of strong wind currents.

Looking at these hot air balloons now, Continue reading “Up in the skies”


Choo-choo and I spent most of yesterday with my mother-in-law, Grammy. After a quick trip to the doctor, we had a whole day of fun planned. Well, the weather had other ideas. A huge line of storms developed nearby and headed in our direction. So much for outside playtime.

Of course, Grammy had backup ideas just in case, Continue reading “Fun-tastic”