Sticks and stones…

You know the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”? Such a lie. Words can hurt. Deeply. Broken bones heal, but the pain from another person’s hurtful words can last even decades after they are uttered.

Sometimes people (even unintentionally) say such mean things that I can’t help but obsess about it. At times I am too shocked to reply. And there are even times when the shock is quickly replaced by anger. I have to admit there are moments when the person who, for one reason or another, Continue reading “Sticks and stones…”

The Women’s Retreat, Part 4


OurĀ day in the woods was almost over. But not quite yet. We still had a meditation session to do.

This was yet another part in the day that I was unsure of. I’d never meditated before. I’ve done deep breathing exercises at the end of a yoga session, but I didn’t have any idea if that’s how it was going to be at the retreat.

The meditation leader, another mental health professional, encouraged us to get comfortable in our chairs and close our eyes. She then began talking us through our breathing. As each thought or distraction came to us, we were told to Continue reading “The Women’s Retreat, Part 4”