About that weekend vacation… (Part 1)

So, remember how I told you about the awful ending to our weekend? Well, here are all those details you wanted:

The Good:

Things started off well before we even left. Diesel had the whole trip planned out, which is a huge deal. I like having vacations scheduled to the hour or even minute. Diesel, on the other hand, is a free spirit when it comes to travel. He likes to be as spontaneous as possible. The fact that he had an activity planned for us every day of this trip was amazing!

With help from both of our parents, we were packed and ready in less time than normal. Nearly stress-free, too, which was Continue reading “About that weekend vacation… (Part 1)”

Showing kindness in relationships

Relationships can be hard. They require hard work sometimes. They require both people to be actively involved. Yes, there are occasions when one may need to work harder than the other, usually due to extenuating circumstances. Mostly, though, spouses and significant others should be partners.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. That fact makes me really sad. Diesel and I aren’t often on the same page when Continue reading “Showing kindness in relationships”

Be okay today

Young Woman ShoppingSometimes, I just want to feel like everything is going to be okay, whether I actually know it or not. I want to feel it. I do often need some “me” time in order for this to happen. Today’s “me” time was actually just me taking a quiet minute for myself eating some cookies in the bathroom while my kid screamed at me that he wanted a snack instead of breakfast.

You know, I have heard a lot of different thoughts on a mother taking some time for herself away from her child(ren). To all you parents out there, moms and dads, please know that it is Continue reading “Be okay today”

I knew it!

So, remember when I said I didn’t want to mention how Choo-choo started sleeping through the night because I did not want to jinx it? Yeah, I jinxed it. Totally and completely.

The full sleep only lasted another day before he started waking up at odd hours of the night. Just yesterday, he called me up to his room three times within four hours of bedtime. I’m exhausted and irritated. I thought it was going to be smooth sailing, and instead, I am having to re-teach him how to sleep all night again.

I would love to be optimistic and say it will all be better soon. That Choo-choo will get the hang of it again in no time. Unfortunately, I am just not feeling it right now. I don’t think this is going to be easy. I think it’s going to be as difficult as it was before. Please wish me luck!

Starting the day off right

My ears are ringing from my son screaming because he didn’t want to be done with breakfast. I lost track of how many times I have repeated myself. I have been awake for an hour and a half and still haven’t had time to eat my  breakfast yet. I have a monster headache from not sleeping well last night. Continue reading “Starting the day off right”


I have been working so hard, attempting to improve my health and my moods, attempting to be the best mom and wife I can be, all the while following my passion that is writing. Today I failed. Miserably. Most especially with Choo-choo.

Yes, he is a toddler. Yes, this is a very trying time. But today it was more than that. It is abundantly clear that he does not respect me.

Close up portrait of a little boy screaming out loud Continue reading “Respect”

The battle over food

Lately, I have been fighting my emotional eating.

You see, every time Choo-choo acts up or throws a fit or even pushes me to tears, I want sweets. I want to stuff my face with anything that tastes like it will make me gain 50 pounds, which in fact already happened to me.

Cream cookies Continue reading “The battle over food”