Games we play

My son Choo-choo absolutely loves to play “Red Light, Green Light.” You know the one, where someone calls out “green light” and you all run then they call out “red light” and everyone stops. We also do “yellow light” because Momma sometimes needs it to slow down a bit. (Long gone are my sprinting without abandon days.) Continue reading “Games we play”

Life as I knew it…

I  never thought I would be so excited to visit a train museum.

That is, until my darling son Choo-choo came along.


Most, if not all, of our short day trips or even longer vacations include Continue reading “Life as I knew it…”

The two loves of my life

As I write this, Choo-choo and Diesel are in the other room playing (loudly!) and having fun. (Though I’m not sure how fun it is for my husband when our son keeps taking all the toys away from him…)

I love times like this when they can bond with each other. Even though Continue reading “The two loves of my life”

Fun activity on a chilly day

What to do when you and the kids are stuck in the house?

Make a book maze, of course!

Choo-choo and I often made book mazes in the past, but he Continue reading “Fun activity on a chilly day”

Choo-choo learns something new

abstract_2008012112-1113int.epsYesterday, Choo-choo and I were playing with a rainbow-colored plastic spring. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. The Slinky that isn’t a Slinky. I showed Choo-choo how to get the spring to “fall” down each stair by itself. We then reenacted this with his play table and some boxes.

It got me thinking. The not-Slinky is such a simple yet Continue reading “Choo-choo learns something new”

Last days of summer

Is it summer where you are? It is here. Well, it was. It’s autumn now, meteorologically speaking. The temperatures around here say otherwise.

Diesel, Choo-choo, and I have fully taken advantage of the warm, rain-free weather, though we admittedly sweated through quite a lot of it. This is why when we took Choo-choo to the beach the other night, the sun had already set. Continue reading “Last days of summer”