Happy dancin’

Choo-choo always had this thing about me dancing. He hated it. Well, maybe not when he was an infant into a very young toddler. I used to dance around with him, but he wanted me to hold him instead of dancing along with me. Every. Single. Time.

Once he started using his words more, the phrase became common. “You no dance, Mommy!!” Continue reading “Happy dancin’”

SHOCKING news ahead…

Okay, now that I have your attention, I wanted to tell you about last night. I made a chicken, cabbage, bell pepper, and sweet pea stir fry for dinner, no pasta or rice in sight.

WAIT, WHAT??? No rice with my stir fry??

That’s right. I, Lisa Keifer, actually made Chinese food without any starches. And you know what? Continue reading “SHOCKING news ahead…”

Complimentary, my dear

Last Thursday, Choo-choo, Diesel, and I were eating lunch in a diner while out of town for an errand. (We had to buy a new transmission for an aforementioned broken truck, which you can read about here) As I walked to the restroom to wash my hands, I was addressed on the way by a woman who sat near us.

“Pretty dress,” she smiled at my blue and white polka dot frock.

Stupefied, I Continue reading “Complimentary, my dear”

Bird watchers

P1010127 (2)

Watching birds with a two year old is a fascinating activity, to say the least. Honestly, before Choo-choo was born, Diesel and I never really gave a second thought to the birds in our yard. We often made bird feeders and houses for our loved ones but never added the same to the outside of our house.

Then came our son. When he was about four months old, Choo-choo started noticing things outside our large picture window. It was winter at this time, and the cardinals were very noticeable in the bleakness of empty branches. Diesel decided to finish our lighthouse bird feeder for Choo-choo, as it has a solar light that glows after sunset. It was an instant hit.

From there, we added several other feeders, including one specifically for woodpeckers, one for orioles, and one for hummingbirds. Choo-choo became enthralled with each birds’ activity. We can even bribe him out of bed in the morning now with promises of watching the birdies eat their breakfast.

Choo-choo often reminds Diesel when the birds need more food and happily offers to help him refill the feeders. After it rains, we are also gifted with the sight of the robins bathing in the puddles outside.

It’s so cute to hear Choo-choo calling out their names, too. “Cardinal! Woodpecker!” Diesel and I even bought a guidebook so all three of us can learn which tiny visitors we have in our yard. Choo-choo will stand at the window and see a bird fly by or land in his view. “I look it up,” he will say, grabbing the guide and flipping through until he finds what he is searching for.

This week, we even had a new development. Diesel took Choo-choo out to the garage to see the robin’s nest up in the rafters. Choo-choo was never big enough before because it’s so high up that Diesel has to stand in the bed of his truck and hold him up there.

Seeing the robin’s nest was the only thing Diesel and I used to pay any attention to when it came to our birds. We checked on the nest all spring until the eggs hatched then checked every so often to see the babies grow. I love that we can now make this a family tradition every year.