You might be hurting someone’s feelings every day (and not even realize it)

Words have power - napkin note

I have been thinking about people and humanity lately. About how much we listen or don’t listen to each other. About how much we focus on questions we want to ask and focus so little on the answers we receive or if the questions are even wanted at all. Continue reading “You might be hurting someone’s feelings every day (and not even realize it)”

Working on my skills

I feel like a failure for being three years into this parenting thing and not knowing what to do a lot of the time. Like, how do I correct bad behavior? Usually, I would just yell at Choo-choo for yelling at me or for whining and it would turn into a big shouting match. Not good. Not good at all.

I have received all kinds of advice on how to deal with parenting issues, but it seems I was terrible at putting them into practice. I am a visual person. I always remember what I see much more than I hear. My therapist had recommended some parenting websites to me in hopes that would help. Continue reading “Working on my skills”

My little helper

Choo-choo has been helping me with everything he can lately. He likes to carry the plates and cups to the dining room and clean up after meals. He excitedly asks to put away the boxes of cereal after breakfast. He even likes helping me carry the clean clothes into the front room to be folded.

Colorful t-shirts

I love when he is in a helpful mood. It is, of course, so much better than Continue reading “My little helper”

Morning moods

So, this morning I woke up to the sound of Choo-choo screaming my name. I run up there to find him stark naked, puddles of pee all over his sheet. His pee-soaked clothes and full diaper were on the floor.

Shocked doesn’t even begin to express my initial thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Morning moods”

Lost in the crowd

For our celebratory family fun day, Diesel and I took Choo-choo to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The museum is full of fun things for kids to do, with areas for discovering other cultures, learning about the past, climbing and digging and building, and Continue reading “Lost in the crowd”