My life today

I really don’t have any words for how I feel today. I woke up from my third night in a row of emergency, only when I absolutely need it Xanax sleep. I slept through the time of taking my other nighttime meds.

Choo-choo is with Diesel doing something fun even though he was told yesterday Continue reading “My life today”

Morning moods

So, this morning I woke up to the sound of Choo-choo screaming my name. I run up there to find him stark naked, puddles of pee all over his sheet. His pee-soaked clothes and full diaper were on the floor.

Shocked doesn’t even begin to express my initial thoughts and feelings. Continue reading “Morning moods”

Lost in the crowd

For our celebratory family fun day, Diesel and I took Choo-choo to the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. The museum is full of fun things for kids to do, with areas for discovering other cultures, learning about the past, climbing and digging and building, and Continue reading “Lost in the crowd”

A lesson in history

Poesiealbum mit altem Foto und BrilleEarly last year, I began researching into my rather large family’s ancestry. It was a daunting task, to say the least. I used a popular ancestry search website, so this made things a little easier. I started with my mom’s family, only knowing up as far as my great-great grandmother’s maiden name. The rest was all new to me.

Generation after generation, I searched and searched as far back as I could. Continue reading “A lesson in history”

I believe in a thing called love

My love for my son is a huge factor in me doing my best to get better. I want to be healthy not just for me, but for him, too. I want him to grow up knowing I love him more than I have ever loved anyone.¬† Continue reading “I believe in a thing called love”