Train rides and swirly slides

Family Written In Plastic Kids Letters

Choo-choo, Diesel, and I had a super fun family day yesterday. In celebration of Choo-choo doing better with his potty training, my husband and I took him to another train museum a few hours away from us.

It was all our kid had talked about for the past three days. He asked about going every night and again in the morning. He asked if we were there yet the entire drive despite many assurances we weren’t even close. Choo-choo just could not contain his excitement.

Once there, we Continue reading “Train rides and swirly slides”

A shining light in the storm

P1020167 (2)

Lighthouses have played a big role in my life with Diesel. He proposed to me on top of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. We were married just over a year later next to the Little Sable Point Lighthouse in Michigan. Choo-choo’s very first “vacation” was to a lighthouse in the winter, when I was only two months pregnant with him.

Diesel and I have visited nearly every single lighthouse or light station in Continue reading “A shining light in the storm”

Grow old along with me!

I have always dreamed of growing old together with Diesel.

Hands of seniors

It sounds like such a cliché, I know. It’s the start of one of my favorite poems: “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be!” And yet it is still something I hope for. Continue reading “Grow old along with me!”

Happy dancin’

Choo-choo always had this thing about me dancing. He hated it. Well, maybe not when he was an infant into a very young toddler. I used to dance around with him, but he wanted me to hold him instead of dancing along with me. Every. Single. Time.

Once he started using his words more, the phrase became common. “You no dance, Mommy!!” Continue reading “Happy dancin’”

Pregnancy woe

You all know I love my son Choo-choo with my whole heart. I have mentioned this more than just a time or two.

Despite this love, however, I still cannot think of my pregnancy without waves of anxiety washing over me. My heart races; my stomach churns. I feel lightheaded, like I might faint at any given moment.

There were only two good things about my pregnancy, according to me both then and now: Continue reading “Pregnancy woe”

Postpartum Depression is a Con Artist (among other things)

I wrote this several months ago, long before my blog, but I decided to share it with you all now:

“Stop playing with your food!” I yell for what feels like the fiftieth time just during dinner alone. My chest is tight, my stress hormones pumping out at maximum capacity. Continue reading “Postpartum Depression is a Con Artist (among other things)”