Going a little stir crazy these January days

It’s currently about 12 degrees Fahrenheit outside and feels like zero. Zero degrees. Think about that for a second.

It’s so bitterly cold, we don’t want to do anything outside. Except for Diesel, but he has a big building he can stay warm in (after the three hours or so it takes to become fully heated and no longer cold). And except for Choo-choo, I should say, as he still wants to build a snowman. We just haven’t had enough snow yet. And we still have that bitter cold.

I guess I am the only one of us three who has zero desire to leave the house right now. Continue reading “Going a little stir crazy these January days”

Becoming a more relaxed parent

Have you ever gotten to that stage with your children when you’re just like, “Okay, sure.” For instance, Choo-choo wanted to sleep on his floor for nap and bedtime. I initially wanted to say no. My urge was to think, “He can’t do that!”

But why not?

I mean, I always told him no to this when his crib was still intact. I worried about him being out and about upstairs without everything being fully child-proofed. But now that his crib has now become a toddler bed and there are locks in place to keep him out of rooms he shouldn’t be in, why couldn’t he sleep on the floor like he wanted to? Continue reading “Becoming a more relaxed parent”

Hear Ye, Hear me!

How do you all get your children to listen to what you tell them? I mean seriously listen?

Hear ye, Hear me!I have been doing great in most if not all the other aspects of my life, but I cannot seem to get Choo-choo to listen to me. I have been repeating myself so much that I literally have zero patience with him. I praise his good behaviors and his good listening. I’ve taken away treats and rewards when he doesn’t listen. I have put him and his toys in timeout. None of it works. Continue reading “Hear Ye, Hear me!”

On the contrary

So, the other night, Choo-choo was finally done with his dinner. We had washed his hands, but I forgot to clean his face. We walked back to the bathroom, and I started cleaning off the chili and yogurt. Choo-choo, however, had other ideas.

What was it exactly that my darling son decided on? Well… Continue reading “On the contrary”