I have been working so hard, attempting to improve my health and my moods, attempting to be the best mom and wife I can be, all the while following my passion that is writing. Today I failed. Miserably. Most especially with Choo-choo.

Yes, he is a toddler. Yes, this is a very trying time. But today it was more than that. It is abundantly clear that he does not respect me. Continue reading “Respect”

My little Destructor

Choo-choo and I found ourselves in a situationĀ the other day about naptime. I knew he needed to sleep. He vehemently disagreed. I left him in the safety of his bed so I could step away and take more than a few deep breaths. Continue reading “My little Destructor”

Sleepy time

Choo-choo’s naps are my time to breathe, my time to enjoy being by myself, my time to work, and my time for renewal.

But what happens if he doesn’t sleep? Yesterday, for example, my child decided he did not want to nap. Why, I have no idea. Given the chance, I would love to sleep. I do nap when he’s in bed if I feel I need to.

The problem is, I can’t sleep or even relax when he won’t rest. With every clink and clatter of his toys as he played through naptime, I grew more weary and frustrated. Diesel told me not to worry about it. He said Choo-choo will give up his naps at some point anyway. While I knew this was true, it didn’t help in the moment.

Of course, Choo-choo was just as perky and happy to see me when I went to get him as he is every other day after nap or bed. And I reminded myself of the one plus that comes with Choo-choo skipping naptime: he is so tired by bed that he goes to sleep at night with no problems.

AsĀ for me, I still love my break during the day, but it’s nice to remember that if Choo-choo doesn’t take a nap, it doesn’t have to ruin my day.