The “what ifs” in life

What if? What if?? What if???

This question has been nagging at me lately. My OCD brings it on, and my depression wallows in it. It’s an obsessive thought that runs rampant if I let it. Continue reading “The “what ifs” in life”

Floating through nature

Yesterday, Choo-choo spent the day with my in-laws while Diesel and I spent several hours on the river in our canoe. Under a cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine, we floated for seven peaceful miles, mostly hearing only birds, the wind, the water, and our friends.

With me in my large sun hat and Diesel in his Indiana Jones-type fedora, we basked in the joy of actually having time to clear our minds and not have anything to worry about. This hasn’t happened much recently. It seems even on our most recent day trips, there was always the element of some problem, Continue reading “Floating through nature”