Holiday rush

Is the holiday rush starting to get to anyone else?

My anxiety has been creeping up thinking about Christmas arriving much sooner than I’d like. I am not one of those¬†people who shops throughout the year. I save our money and start hitting the sales around holiday time. So I have been worrying about the presents I am buying not arriving on time. I’m also worried about not having enough time for everything.

Thanksgiving¬†was a breeze compared with Christmas. I didn’t have to do very much for that day. Only a bit of cooking, really.

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The time I beat holiday stress…

Now that the holiday is over, I feel composed enough to talk about the stress Thanksgiving (and all holidays) brings. There’s the recipe search, cooking, getting everyone ready, trying to be on time, and so on. In the past, I’ve exhausted myself trying to figure out the perfect recipes to make, I’ve burnt the food, and we have never arrived on time. (And I’m not even the hostess. I can’t imagine how much more stressful that duty is!)

Stress. Woman stressed

But this time, I had a plan. Not only did I have a plan, but Continue reading “The time I beat holiday stress…”

Welcome Wednesday 2

This week, we welcome an amazing woman who has faced some pretty hefty challenges and survived. She now shares her stories on her own blog and has been gracious enough to give us some great insights here as well. Continue reading “Welcome Wednesday 2”

Plans aplenty

After Diesel came home from work yesterday, he and I along with Choo-choo had an evening of fun planned at our local county fair. We were going to eat delicious, albeit unhealthy, fair food and homemade ice cream. We would visit the show rabbits and all the other farm animals. We’d check out the rows and rows of antique tractors.

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