What you don’t know (can seriously annoy your parents)

Choo-choo has moved on to a new phase in life now. Everything is “I didn’t know.”

For example, we have been working with Choo-choo on his potty training. (More about that, with some WONDERFUL news, another day!) I put him in bed for a nap one day only he was still awake after about ten minutes. This usually indicates that he has a wet or dirty diaper and needs to be changed.

I walked upstairs and, as I suspected, Continue reading “What you don’t know (can seriously annoy your parents)”

Train rides and swirly slides

Family Written In Plastic Kids Letters

Choo-choo, Diesel, and I had a super fun family day yesterday. In celebration of Choo-choo doing better with his potty training, my husband and I took him to another train museum a few hours away from us.

It was all our kid had talked about for the past three days. He asked about going every night and again in the morning. He asked if we were there yet the entire drive despite many assurances we weren’t even close. Choo-choo just could not contain his excitement.

Once there, we Continue reading “Train rides and swirly slides”