A child’s faith


I have been teaching Choo-choo about God, Jesus, and Heaven. We read Bible stories and sing songs. I explain everything as best I can. His three year old mind is so literal, though.

The other night, I read “God Bless You and Good Night” to Choo-choo before bed. (I totally recommend that book, by the way, and no, I was not paid to say this! It’s authored by Hannah C. Hall.) Choo-choo asked where God was so I told him Continue reading “A child’s faith”

The “what ifs” in life

What if? What if?? What if???

White question marks with red one.

This question has been nagging at me lately. My OCD brings it on, and my depression wallows in it. It’s an obsessive thought that runs rampant if I let it. Continue reading “The “what ifs” in life”

“What you doing?”

I hear this all the time from my son, along with many others. “Why you do that?” “Where you going?” “What’s that?” It’s a typical stage of toddlerhood, I’m sure. Only problem is, he often doesn’t wait for an answer.

I was making a cake for my husband to take to work. With every step of the recipe came the question from Choo-choo. “What you doing?” Continue reading ““What you doing?””