What dreams may come?

What do dreams mean? Do they mean anything at all?

What dreams may come?

Often, my dreams take place in one of two locations: my parents’ current house (where they have lived since I was 13) in mostly quiet, forest-like woods with a long, winding gravel/dirt driveway and my grandparents’ old house (currently my bio dad’s house). The house that belonged to my grandparents has two separate staircases to go upstairs, a dark, kinda creepy basement (to a child anyway), and Continue reading “What dreams may come?”

A child’s faith


I have been teaching Choo-choo about God, Jesus, and Heaven. We read Bible stories and sing songs. I explain everything as best I can. His three year old mind is so literal, though.

The other night, I read “God Bless You and Good Night” to Choo-choo before bed. (I totally recommend that book, by the way, and no, I was not paid to say this! It’s authored by Hannah C. Hall.) Choo-choo asked where God was so I told him Continue reading “A child’s faith”

My little Destructor

Choo-choo and I found ourselves in a situation the other day about naptime. I knew he needed to sleep. He vehemently disagreed. I left him in the safety of his bed so I could step away and take more than a few deep breaths. Continue reading “My little Destructor”

A stranger in my house

I have never liked being home alone at night. Once I was in my late teens, I still stayed at friends’ houses when my parents were out of town. While this fear relaxed a bit, it has never fully gone away.

Ever since my postpartum depression/anxiety and OCD kicked in, I have spent a lot of time wondering what I would do if someone broke into my house and attacked me. I especially worry about someone trying to rape me. I think about this mostly when I am in the shower, as I am the most vulnerable then. My mind floods with questions and what ifs. Continue reading “A stranger in my house”