What becomes of the sleep-deprived?

Tired woman sleeping on the coach at officeFor the past several days, I have been woken up at least twice a night by my son Choo-choo. Lack of sleep is usually bad for just about everyone, me included. I end up exhausted, obviously, but there is more to it than that.

Little to no sleep leaves me crabby, anxious and even dizzy, especially with the medication I take before bed each night. This means I sometimes  Continue reading “What becomes of the sleep-deprived?”

Late night revelation

Asleep Woman Lying on Bed

My bed is calling to me right now. Choo-choo kept me up for two and a half hours in the middle of the night. No matter how many times I rocked him, sang to him, cuddled with him, and gave him hugs and kisses, he just wouldn’t lie in his bed for longer than ten or so minutes without yelling for me again.

I was angry and frustrated about it. I mean, come on. He deprived me of nearly three hours of desperately needed sleep.

Then I started to think. Continue reading “Late night revelation”

Being mindful of my attitudes

So, I told you yesterday about my fun-filled day with Choo-choo. I thought for sure that since we had such a great day, we would naturally have a great night, too.

No such luck.

Yep. We had another long night. Choo-choo woke up and called to me 15 times throughout the night, from midnight to just after 6 AM. I’m not even kidding. I wish I were.

The thing about long, sleepless nights while battling depression is that no sleep equals no peace of mind. Continue reading “Being mindful of my attitudes”

My achy, break-y body

This is what I have looked like recently: Depressed business woman

Eyes closed, hands on temples, desperate for my headaches to disappear. A combination of stress and lack of sleep have ravaged my body. I am achy and sore from my feet and legs up my back to my neck to seemingly no end.

Once Choo-choo started waking up in the middle of the night again, I knew this was coming. There was not a doubt in my mind that all that sleep deprivation was going to wreak havoc on my body.

I just wish I’d realized how bad it was going to be. Continue reading “My achy, break-y body”

Was it really ever gonna be anything but this?

Curious as to how my day is progressing?

Let me tell you: having woken up late, breakfast was late, which means I was late taking my medicine. Choo-choo’s naptime was late because I wanted us to have time to play and have fun.

Then the neighbors chose that very moment to start work on tearing off and fixing their roof. Continue reading “Was it really ever gonna be anything but this?”

One of those nights…

Early Morning Alarm Call At Three AMMy body aches. My voice is a bit hoarse. My stomach churns with nausea. My eyes want to close and stay that way for a while. I feel hung-over, in an unpleasant, I didn’t even get to enjoy what led me here kind of way. Continue reading “One of those nights…”

I knew it!

So, remember when I said I didn’t want to mention how Choo-choo started sleeping through the night because I did not want to jinx it? Yeah, I jinxed it. Totally and completely.

The full sleep only lasted another day before he started waking up at odd hours of the night. Just yesterday, he called me up to his room three times within four hours of bedtime. I’m exhausted and irritated. I thought it was going to be smooth sailing, and instead, I am having to re-teach him how to sleep all night again.

I would love to be optimistic and say it will all be better soon. That Choo-choo will get the hang of it again in no time. Unfortunately, I am just not feeling it right now. I don’t think this is going to be easy. I think it’s going to be as difficult as it was before. Please wish me luck!