My fears, part three

I have told you all about some of my major fears, which you can read about here¬†and here. There is something else. I never attended college. Not because I wasn’t accepted; I was.

I picked a university six hours from home. My parents and I drove down for the tour. I loved every part of that school, including what was to be my dorm. And though¬†I didn’t have all the money I needed for tuition, I had a plan on how to pay, including loans.

But I didn’t go. Continue reading “My fears, part three”


I think it very timely that I reached the gratitude section in the book I’m reading about the neuroscience of depression one day after my therapist suggested I start a gratitude journal. Now, I have heard this information before about how good it is for one to keep track of what they are grateful for, and I even tried it with no success or improvement. Journaling what I was thankful for every single day actually added to my stress.

However, I have decided to try it again, once a week this time. Today is the start of my therapeutic outlet, and I would like to share this first entry with you.

I am grateful for so many things, but I will narrow it down for now. I am grateful for God loving me no matter how much I feel like a failure. I’m grateful for my son, always. I’m also grateful for my husband and for my loved ones who fully understand, or at least attempt to understand, me and my struggles.

Finally, I am grateful for all of you out there who choose to join me every day or even once in a while as I climb up the path toward peace. Thank you so much!